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Plan of Action

Image by Nina Strehl

Engaging the Community

Engaging the community means governing like you campaign. Voters should hear from their local reps more often than just 2 months before an election.

It also means actually asking questions. What the biggest issue on a voter's mind? What would it take to get her more involved? Do they even know that the local Democratic club exists?

I commit to coordinate actions on a weekly basis that connect the voters with the political world around them. They'll know about local resources-- from tutoring and tax help to food pantries and job fairs-- because we'll do everything in our power to notify them.

Image by Elyssa Fahndrich

Empowering People

Once we've built that muscle and opened the lines of communication, it's time to get to work. 

Too many people sit on the sidelines and don't get involved because the only way they've been told to get involved is to knock a door or make a phone call. I want you to get involved in whatever way will keep you coming back. 

Politics affects artists and architects as much as it affects lawyers and consultants. We need to give everyone a chance to bring their skill set to the table and effect change.

Image by Dre Nieto

Uniting Democrats

Once we engage the community and we empower its diverse voices, we'll be working alongside each other on truly wonderful projects.

Maybe we'll come together to march for the safety of the most vulnerable or rally the neighborhood for more composting sites or hold a town hall about what we can do for businesses on Steinway. Maybe we'll do all of it but one thing is certain: we'll do it together.

Any divisions within the Democratic Party will wash away because dammit, we'll be working together for Astoria. 

A District Leader's main responsibility is to organize their executive zone and represent its collective voice to the broader county Party. They are Democrats for Democrats by Democrats.

We're the most diverse community in the most diverse county in the most diverse city in the most diverse country. We need to work together and we can't be made to feel like our voice isn't heard. 

I promise your voice will be heard and your vision given space to be turned into action.

I'll walk alongside you to make your biggest concern for our community one that resonates with our elected officials and our Party leadership.

I promise, at the very least, that you'll know there's a place for you

in the neighborhood when you're feeling a bit lost. 

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